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Adieu… continued

While my last article for the H&H column appeared in the Page News and Courier today… and this will be the last post for this blog site… an enhanced journey in history continues… just click here.


13 not the charm?

After over 13 years, my weekly history column for the Page News and Courier (Heritage & Heraldry) is coming to an end. The last article will appear in the last paper of the month. Details forthcoming.


October Tales

Just an FYI for those who happen to stop by here… I’m tossing-in a number of tales about witches, ghosts, etc. from Page County in my main blog. Those that have been posted so far can be found here, here (both of these relate to the story of Charles Robert Hilliard and the witch’s curse on his second wife), here (Doc Amiss’ ghost story), here (more on witches in Page County), here (19th century burial customs from the area), and here (Coffman, the “fire witch”). More to follow during the month.

Yes, some of these have appeared in previous articles for my column, but I’m able to do a little more with them on the Web…


Still testing the blog platform as to how I want it to work

It’s been quiet here for a bit, mostly because I was surprised to see that those who read the article in the newspaper weren’t interacting with the content here. I figured that I would drop back a bit and figure out another way to make this work. Still looking for interaction with the readers, especially as new material appears in the articles in the PN&C, but I might change-up in what I put online here. Instead of following the print articles weekly, I may put supplemental material on here. We’ll see. In the meantime, take a look at the new chronological list of articles (you can also find a link to the chronology just under the header on this blog) that have appeared in the column since 1997. I am currently working on volumes 3, 4, and 5 of Short Historical Sketches of Page County and It People, compiling the articles through rather recently, and indexing the individual volumes. Ultimately, I would like to put a master index online, here, for those who are looking for specific persons, subjects, etc. that might be of interest in all five volumes.


“Heritage and Heraldry” goes online

Welcome to the online extension of “Heritage and Heraldry”; my history column from the Page News and Courier. After over twelve years (the first article appearing in August 1997) of appearing exclusively in print, I figured it was a great time to go online and interactive. Complete versions of the articles will continue to appear exclusively in the newspaper, but I will post a synopsis (2-4 sentences) of each article here. Perhaps one of the best features of this blog is that it will facilitate reader comments and discussion. As this extension continues to develop, I may look for other ways of making the column more interactive with the readership.

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